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The Linknami social media marketing platform allows you to promote your own website or blog, products, services and events simply by sharing latest news 'right off-the-press' about brands, products, services and events that are based around your interests with your website visitors, facebook friends and fans, twitter followers and google+ circles.

Share blog posts, ready-to-post messages or create your own stories with your audience and earn money.

Spend Money on promoting your own blog posts, or messages and stories about your products, services and events or cash out your earnings at any time.

Share only stories relevant to your interests.

Establish yourself as expert or increase authority in your niche by creating and responding to discussions on your blogs and profiles that center around the topics of your interest and expertise. .

Messages usually contain latest product news, freebies, coupons, competitions, event notifications that offer real added value to your website visitors, friends, fans, followers and circles.

Full transparency over the content you share on your blog and profiles. You have full control on which messages and stories you publish. .

How It Works

Signup and connect your social profiles and blogs.
Find interesting stories, campaigns and blog posts relevant to your audience actively or wait until you get share requests.
Share ready-to-post content or create strories in your own words on your profiles or write and publish sponsored articles on your blogs.

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