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Linknami social media marketing network allows you to connect with fellow bloggers and topic experts in your niche to promote your brand, products, services and events on top social media profiles and blogs.

Promote your blog posts automatically. Once your blog post is live, it is directly visible in our list and available for campaigns that create viral buzz.

Post direct messages on twitter, facebook and google+ of relevant niche bloggers, experts and influencers.

Submit social media campaigns on relevant twitter, facebook and google+ profiles of relevant niche bloggers, experts and influencers.

Submit sponsored article requests on niche blogs.

Publish your ready-written articles on relevant blogs in your industry.

Many targeting options like klout, kred, peerindex scores, pr, alexa and seomoz ranks ensure that only specific bloggers and experts are exposed to your campaigns.

Find relevant bloggers via categories and keywords. Find top experts, influencers via klout, kred, peerindex scores and our powerful Linknami index.

Full transparency on which blogs and profiles your messages and campaigns are posted.

View detailed stats on how many people you reached with your campaigns and how many clicks you received.

How It Works

Signup and create your message, campaign, sponsored article request or add your blog.
Find relevant niche bloggers and topic experts in our social media catalog actively or wait until you get share requests from publishers.
Post your content or approve share requests and watch your stories go viral and your traffic increase.

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