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Linknami's social media advertising marketplace allows social influencers and topic experts to monetize their social media profiles and blogs by sharing relevant stories about brands, products, services and events with their audience.

What is it?

Connect with brands easily through the user friendly interface.

Earn Money for each message you share on your twitter, personal facebook and fan page profiles, google+ profiles and for each blog post you publish.

Cash out your earnings at any time, no payout schedules, or use the money to promote your own stories and campaigns.

Full transparency on the stories you share with your friends. You have full control on the stories you create and campaigns and messages you publish.

Why you need it?

Monetize your social profiles and blogs.

Earn money promoting brands, products and services you like and use yourself.

Establish yourself as topic expert, influencer and early adopter by sharing information with your audience and engaging friends, fans, followers and blog visitors in discussions before the news hit the mainstream market.

How It Works

Signup and connect your social profiles and blogs.
Share relevant stories, campaigns and blog posts actively or wait until you get sharing requests.
Cash out your earnings at any time or use money to promote your own blog posts, products, services and events.

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