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Linknami's social media advertising network allows brands and businesses to create viral buzz about products, services and events by connecting with top social influencers, topic experts, early adopters, opinion makers, subject matter experts and brand enthusiasts. According to recent studies, 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 33% trust online ads.

Do you have a vacuum cleaner business and just released a cool new product? Do you want to reach clean savyy housewives via word of mouth marketing without spending huge sums on blind advertising? No problem. Use Linknami to connect with trusted niche experts who exactly reach your target audience.

What is it?

Find highly relevant influencers and experts and send them your message, campaign and sponsored article requests.

Find targeted bloggers via categories and keywords. Sort topic experts, influencers according to klout, kred, peerindex scores and our powerful Linknami index.

Full transparency on which profiles your messages are posted.

Detailed stats on how many people you reached with your campaigns and how many clicks you received.

Why you need it?

Introduce a new brand or product to your target market or 'rebuzz' your existing brand and products.

Easy entry for your brand in a specific segment.

Reach your target audience with less budget than traditional online advertising methods.

Create and increase targeted buzz, awareness, visibility about your brand, products, services and events.

Increase social proof of your products by word of mouth marketing through authority niche bloggers, topic experts and social influencers.

Find new followers, fans and circles.

Amplify reach through viral campaigns.

Get social signals social signals and links from relevant profiles and sites that positively impact your search engine rankings.

Get targeted traffic.

Get relevant leads, actions and sales.

Get feedback directly from user comments on blogs, twitter, facebook and google+ and act immediately instead of wasting large sums of money on blind advertising campaigns.

How It Works

Signup and create your message, campaign or add your blog.
Find relevant niche bloggers and topic experts in our social media catalog actively or wait until you get sharing requests from publishers.
Buy promotions or approve share requests and watch your stories go viral and your traffic increase.

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