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Linknami's free social media marketing community allows bloggers and webmasters to promote their blog posts, products, services and events for free on social media profiles and blogs of fellow niche bloggers.

What is it?

Connect with other niche bloggers and webmasters who share the same interests easily.

Share relevant blog posts, industry news and other relevant information like freebies, coupon deals and competitions with your friends, fans, followers, circles, blog visitors and earn money.

Create and respond to discussions on your profiles and blogs that increase your level of authority in your field.

Promote your own blog posts and messages for free with your earned money on twitter, facebook, google+ and blogs.

Get social signals and links from relevant sites.

Why you need it?

Expose your brand, products, services and events to your relevant target audience through niche bloggers, topic experts and social influencers.

Create and increase targeted buzz, awareness and visibility.

Find new followers, fans and circles.

Amplify reach through viral campaigns.

Get social social signals and links from relevant profiles and sites that positively impact your search engine rankings.

Get relevant targeted traffic.

Get relevant leads, actions and sales.

How It Works

Signup and connect your social profiles and blogs.
Find interesting stories, campaigns and blog posts relevant to your audience actively or wait until you get share requests.
Share the stories in your own words on your profiles with a simple click or write and publish sponsored articles on your blogs.

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